JWMI Faculty

Our Faculty

Passionate executives from some of the top companies in the world are ready to help you achieve your professional potential.

JWMI’s faculty are hand selected for their passion to engage, challenge and excite students like you every day in the online classroom. The majority hold a Ph.D. or terminal degree in their field of expertise and have an average of 20 years of professional experience working for top companies such as:

Company Logos for JWMI Faculty
Our approach to faculty and academics is very different from that of a traditional university.

Attracting and retaining the best MBA faculty

Once hired, all JWMI faculty members undergo a two-part, 10-week intensive faculty training program that covers JWMI best practices, course curriculum, and classroom preparation.

  • The first 5-week session includes an in-depth introduction to Jack Welch’s foundational principles, JWMI, faculty expectations, and the virtual classroom experience. Passing the course isn’t a given. We regularly weed out 30–40 percent of applicants.
  • In the second 5-week session, faculty members shadow course leads within their subject, learning the feedback standards and instructional content. Upon completion of the 10-week training program, faculty are certified to teach courses within the Jack Welch MBA program and do so with a higher rate of engagement and confidence in their digital classrooms.
Faculty Accountability

To ensure that our faculty exceeds student expectations, the faculty themselves developed their own charter with values and behaviors that align with the mission of JWMI. Each term, they are evaluated against the values and behaviors via our faculty scorecard. The scorecard is combined with student survey results and feedback, and the faculty enjoys complete transparency in regards to these results and performance evaluation.

Tenure—No Way!

While most schools utilize a tenure system, JWMI practices differentiation based on student feedback, this practice ensures that all our students receive consistent and superior instruction from highly engaged faculty.

Serving as Mentors

Professors are available seven days a week via email or phone to support students on a one-on-one basis as needed. Many professors act as mentors for students, coaching them, far beyond the duration of the course.

Class Size

Class size, whether in a traditional setting or an online setting has a tremendous impact on student performance. If the class is too big, students are not able to engage with faculty in a meaningful way; if too small, students don’t have the networking and peer-to-peer learning opportunities that are critical to growth and learning. The average class size at JWMI is less than 20 students which allow our faculty to provide maximum support and feedback.

Meet some of our top-tier faculty:

Mario Barrett, Ph.D.

Assistant DeanProfessor: Leadership in the 21st Century

Paul Serluco

Assistant DeanProfessor: Managerial Economics

Paolo Narciso, Ph.D.

Professor: New Business Ventures & Entrepreneurship

Karen Sturtevant, Ph.D.

Professor: Strategy

Richard Chua, Ph.D.

Professor: Operations

Cheryl Seminara, Ph.D.

Professor: Organizational Change & Culture

John Bennett

Professor: Financial Management II & Saving Money, Saving Lives

Sheryl Barnes, Ph.D.

Professor: Marketing in a Global Environment

Colette Massengale, J.D.

Professor: Business Communications

Kirstin Leighton-Lucas, J.D.

Professor: Business Communications and Executive Presence

Deloris Willis, Ph.D.

Professor: People Management

John Shaw, CMA

Professor: Financial Management I

Alfred Sanders, Ph.D.

Professor: Financial Management II

Chinue Uecker, Ph.D.

Professor: Operations, Leadership in the 21st Century

Jeremy R. Agler, DM

Professor: Leadership in the 21st Century

Joseph Anderson, Ph.D.

Professor: Healthcare Concentration

Richard (Rick) Wallace, D.Sc

Professor: People Management

Terrie Pellitteri, DBA

Professor: Managerial Economics

Jamie Chesler, Ph.D.

Professor: Leadership in the 21st Century

Kathryn Armstrong, Ph.D.

Professor: Financial Management I

Lou Melocchi, Ph.D.

Professor: Financial Management I & Financial Management II

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