Terrie Pellitteri, DBA

Professor: Managerial Economics

Terrie Pellitteri

Formerly the Vice President of Accounting and Administration for a labor consulting firm, Terrie, now retired, devotes 100% of her time to being an instructor of Managerial Economics for JMWI. With more than 30 years of experience in such sectors of our economy as restaurant food service, property management, chemical formulation and development, home health care, and labor consulting, Terrie has had the opportunity to explore and understand the dynamics between businesses and consumers—and the roles that accounting, finance, and economics play in a company’s ability to remain competitive and to thrive.

She maintains a supportive, open-door policy in her classroom. She also keeps a certain level of flexibility to balance or accommodate student needs, the expectations of JWMI, and life’s unforeseen events or possibilities. Her goal for students as they leave her class is to never think of the economy, money, or business in the same way. Instead, to see how countries, businesses, and consumers are all intertwined… and how students can navigate the paths to achieve the greatest success possible.