Karen Sturtevant, Ph.D.

Professor: Strategy

Karen Sturtevant, Ph.D.

Karen Sturtevant is a passionate professor, consultant, executive coach, author, speaker, and inspirational leader. A gifted exhorter and motivator, the core of Karen’s message is “delivering leadership truths that transform the world.” She has written numerous academic articles, published several books, and has presented seminars and Bible studies. Karen travels with American and International missionaries and has had the opportunity to serve organizations and individuals in many different areas.

In addition, Karen founded Sturtevant & Associates, LLC. in 2011, with the primary purpose of providing organizations and companies with excellent training and leadership and management skills. The company also focuses on executive coaching and consulting with organizations that have multigenerational employees and leaders.

Currently, Karen serves as a Campus President for a university in Newport News, Virginia.

She and her family are very active. Karen competes in bodybuilding competitions, her husband, John, is an Ironman and competes in triathlons, and her son, Isaiah, loves to play basketball.