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The Online MBA Experience

We didn’t take an on-ground program and retrofit. Instead, we built the JWMI MBA experience with online learners in mind, so that they can achieve the best possible outcome in the program and their careers.

here's what you can expect:

The mission of the Jack Welch Management Institute is to transform the lives of our students by providing them with the tools to become better leaders, build great teams and help their organizations win. By teaching the performance- and people-driven management canons of Jack Welch and other renowned business leaders, the Jack Welch Management Institute prepares MBA graduates to revolutionize their companies and careers.

The online MBA experience:

The JWMI Online Classroom Experience—What to Expect

There is often a mix of excitement, nerves, and anticipation that are present as you embark on your first term. For many, a 100% online classroom may be a new experience. Or you may have been out of school for a while. Here’s what you can expect:

Class Size

Classes are taught 100% online in small sections of 15-20 students.


Blackboard is our online platform; there you will review the weekly assignments, watch video lectures, access course materials, interact with fellow students, receive feedback from your professors, access the online video library and much more.


JWMI students are active learners juggling busy lives from all corners of the world. So, speed and efficiency, no matter where you live, is critical. The Blackboard mobile app allows students to:

  • Quickly view updates to their courses and content through the activity stream
  • Access the weekly lecture, readings, and EOP videos
  • Reply to discussion questions and take assignments and tests
  • View course grades for discussions and assignments
  • Interact with your courses while you’re on the go
Download the Blackboard mobile app from the iTunes app store or Google Play. weekly time commitments

JWMI classes are held online and asynchronously, designed to be done on your own time. Each class can vary for time commitments, but you should estimate 10–15 hours of coursework per class.

discussion questions

Weekly required discussion questions allow for one-on-one interaction with professors and other students about the required reading, lecture notes or case studies. Each week, students will be required to thoughtfully respond to one discussion question (DQ) within our discussion board. This initial response to the question posed is due every Wednesday by midnight. Also, as part of your participation grade, each student is required to respond to at least two students’ discussion posts by Sunday at midnight (local time)


In addition to your discussion questions, there are usually 2-3 assignments or video presentations due each term. Your professors, advisor, communication coach, or tutor are available for support as you work on your assignments.

JWMI Student Resources—What to Expect

JWMI staff and faculty are dedicated to seeing our students succeed. JWMI offers several student resources that can help with the transition to an online classroom, curriculum support, or student life in general.


Each student is assigned an academic advisor who can help you take advantage of our support services including communications coaches and quantitative-class tutors. Your academic advisor will also help you navigate any challenges that may arise once in the classroom. In addition, your advisor can help you register for next term’s classes.

new student orientation

Upon enrolling at JWMI, we offer several new student orientation webinars which will help you become acquainted with the online learning environment. Speak to your advisor to register for this session.


JWMI offers a variety of support services through the advising team for students to take advantage of throughout their MBA journey.

  • Communication coaches—assist with papers and writing assignments
  • Tutors—assist with quantitative classes like Finance and Economics
  • Grammarly.com subscription—online writing tool
Business Office

Our business office is committed to assisting students with the process of obtaining the financial resources necessary to pursue their Jack Welch MBA. Our goal is to streamline the process so students can focus what is really important, their studies. The dedicated business office team can help with a variety of payment methods including: employer tuition assistance, veteran benefits, payment plans, financial aid, and more. Please contact 703.561.2128 with any questions.

Student & Alumni Advisory Board

The Student & Alumni Advisory Board (SAAB) is a diverse and accomplished collective of current students appointed to represent the Jack Welch Management Institute community. Its mission is to provide student and alumni advocacy, foster community and support student success. The SAAB ensures new students are set up for success for class and are available to answer questions from a student perspective.

JWMI’s LinkedIn Networking Group

This robust community is a great resource. Whether you are looking to find out more about JWMI from students and alumni or as a new student looking to keep in touch with classmates and professors or make new connections, we invite you to join—Link in with us today!

Amazon Audible

Select JWMI textbooks are available through the Amazon Audible platform. Students are encouraged to review Audible options directly from the Amazon website. All lectures are produced in-house in mp3 format and are available for free in Blackboard so students can listen.


JWMI offers access to our online bookstore for easy ordering of your textbooks each term. In addition, many of the assigned books are available on other online retailers.

winning blog

Winning is JWMI’s blog. You can access articles by Jack and Suzy Welch and JWMI deans, faculty and staff. We also feature great thought leadership and success stories from JWMI students and alumni. It is an excellent resource for all Jack Welch content (which will help you with your future discussion questions) and so much more. Read our latest articles at: http://www.jwmi.com/winning.

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