Paolo Narciso, Ph.D.

Professor: New Business Ventures & Entrepreneurship

Paolo Narciso, Ph.D. Paolo Narciso is a serial entrepreneur and technologist that has successfully led one of his startups to an IPO and two other companies to successful mergers. However, he’s more proud of the numerous startups that have failed as he believes failure is a better instructor than success. In addition to traditional startups, Paolo is also active as a social impact entrepreneur leading companies that deliver essential services to lower-income populations around the world. Most recently, he serves as a Social Entrepreneur in Residence for the AARP Foundation, one of the largest public charities in the United States. In his role, he leads innovation and programs to deliver effective products and services to the low income 50+ demographic as well as sets strategy that assists Congress in delivering better public benefits to the low and middle-income U.S. population. He also serves as a board director for Bright Pattern, Inc, a leading omni-channel software application provider, and CloudHealth Asia, where he was one of the co-founders. CloudHealth is developing and deploying functional care treatment centers in Southeast Asia.

Paolo earned his doctorate from Creighton University in Interdisciplinary Leadership and Social Impact Entrepreneurship. He also received his Masters in Entrepreneurship from Western Carolina University. Before his career as an entrepreneur, he received his Ph.D. in Linguistics from Stanford University, a job that has taken him to over 90 countries.

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