Winning Voices: Megan Broude, Vice President of Market Operations at agilon health

Winning Voices: Megan Broude, Vice President of Market Operations at agilon health

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Megan Broude
Vice President of Market Operations
agilon health

Tell us a little bit about your company

I oversee our new market implementation strategy and execution, ensuring our implementation efforts are efficient, effective, and scalable as our organization continues to grow.

Looking back at what you thought about an online program when you first embarked, what was your overall impression now? Did it meet your expectations, via DQ Boards, EOP Videos, Jack Calls, faculty etc.

The program is very different, and so much better than I had anticipated! I wasn’t expecting to interact regularly with my classmates and professors and love the ability to do so on my own schedule through the DQ boards. I also was surprised by how much I could incorporate actual scenarios and work products from my job into my coursework. The ability to apply content to a familiar situation or process at work has made it much more meaningful than had I been discussing hypothetical situations or companies. Before beginning the program, I also was unsure whether material from every course would be relevant to my career; however, I have found that the application of the content through the DQs has allowed me to make meaningful connections between our coursework and my day-to-day work in every course thus far.


What’s been your most rewarding experience in the program?

The most rewarding experience for me has been the networking and the connections that I have made with my classmates. It has been fascinating to learn about industries outside of healthcare and see my classmates apply our course material to their organizations. Even though I have never met any of my classmates in person, I feel as though I know all of them personally as we have created an engaged and supportive cohort.


How did you navigate job, family, and work?  What strategies did you implement to get it done?

Navigating life, work, and the JWMI program is definitely a challenge, but it is entirely doable! Time management and dedicated study time have been critical to my success. I like to set aside 3—4 “study sessions” during the week where I focus solely on JWMI readings, DQs, assignments, etc. This dedicated time helps to eliminate my tendency to want to multi-task and allows me to break up the work throughout the week. Additionally, I work ahead as much as possible to avoid unnecessary stress on the weekends when assignments can pile up. When each course begins, I print the syllabus and compare the coursework and assignment schedule to my work and personal schedule to identify weeks where I know I have a crowded schedule.

Please share any advice for new students embarking on the MBA journey.

You get out of the program what you put into it! There are so many learning and networking opportunities both in the classroom and outside of it—take advantage of each. Also, you’re not alone; the professors, deans, and JWMI staff are there to support you and want you to succeed. There are numerous resources like your advisor, communication coaches, and other online resources that ease the anxiety of “going back to school.” Finally, create a schedule that works for you. The JWMI courses are structured similarly with DQs due on Wednesdays and assignments due on Sundays. The predictability of this schedule allows you to create a weekly study schedule that is replicable week-after-week to ensure you don’t fall behind.

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