How To Stand Out at Work and Deliver Results

How To Stand Out at Work and Deliver Results

There are two kinds of employees; those who trudge along and those who stand out.

The first category is those who only do what’s expected of them and are biding their time for something big. On the other hand, those who stand out don’t wait for opportunities to come by. They see opportunities everywhere.

They are the ones who are trusted by their superiors and followed by their juniors. They are the ones who will reap all the rewards. Those who stand out and inspire others also become natural leaders of their organizations.

So what’s the formula? Well, let’s begin by understanding what not to do.

What Not To Do

Many people think that the way to get noticed is to be with the right person. They believe that once they figure out the power play, they will be able to get the right mentor who will put them on the right project and help them stand out.

If you belong to this tribe, Jack Welch would have something to tell you. “That’s plain stupid.”

Don’t try to figure out the office politics. That’s none of your business. Don’t focus on getting the prized project. Knowing the right people will not make you a standout star. Delivering the right performance will.

How To Stand Out at Work

The best way to stand out at work is by delivering results. That’s it. That’s the secret sauce to getting noticed and appreciated at work. Have an idea, get people to coalesce around you, and deliver the results. 

Challenging is what you should chase

Jack never had a thing for anything easy. The mediocre chase the easy. To be a standout, you have to take on challenging assignments that nobody wants to do. That’s how you show guts and initiative.

Success attracts success

As you perform challenging tasks, more tough assignments will come your way. You will be known as the employee who can get the difficult things done in the system. That’s how you begin the journey of leadership.

Show initiative

“Grab the opportunity and run.” That was one of Jack’s favorite sayings. Opportunities shouldn’t just be taken, they should be grabbed. Don’t wait for challenging tasks to be handed to you. Go out and grab them.

Forget titles

Don’t worry about your position in the system. Don’t be limited by your title. Let your personality, self-confidence, and a heightened awareness of the surroundings help you win.

Lead by example

Focus on delivering consistent results. More people will want to work with you and follow your lead when you deliver results. That’s something organizations quickly notice. That’s how you build teams and become a leader.

So how do you stand out at work?

You begin by standing up and taking on tough challenges. Then you deliver results and inspire others. That will make you a problem solver, a top-notch performer, and a true leader.