Alumni Share Their JWMI Moments (Part 1)

Alumni Share Their JWMI Moments (Part 1)

JWMI 2019 Alumni Share Their Most Memorable Moments of Their MBA Journey:

Beau Legeer
Sales and Solutions Manager at Esri

“Realizing that I now have all the skills and information to deliver a confident and strategic presentation was #MyJWMIMoment. Dr. Pellitteri pushed me to think beyond my experience and embrace new ideas.”

Gail Thorogood
IT Supervisor at Cox Communications

“Being invited to interact with Jack Welch was #MyJWMIMoment. Jack spoke about the need to “celebrate my team’s success. It’s something that has stuck with me and something that I continually strive to do.”

Sean A. Moore
CEO at Moore Talent Solutions

“Going from a board member to an executive member of the Student Advisory Board was #MyJWMIMoment. I witnessed first-hand the daily commitment from Jack Welch, faculty, and staff towards student success. Professor Mario Barrett’s teaching style had a huge impact on my life. He helped me understand my leadership qualities while giving me the confidence to succeed.”

Reginald Atta-Kesson
Associate Director at PwC

“Having the ability to communicate with my classmates, lecturers, and the rest of the JWMI team was #MyJWMIMoment. My first professor, Dr. James Sartain, set the tone for my MBA journey and encouraged me to execute to a higher level.”

Angelica Harris
Program Manager at Youth Villages

“JWMI played a significant role in my growth as a person and as a professional. A couple of weeks ago, I was promoted to Program Manager. Growing in my career was #MyJWMIMoment. I want to thank my amazing academic advisor, Terra Sye, for following up every term, for genuinely caring about me as a person, & for supporting me throughout my journey.”

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