Winning Voices:  Lawanaka Hooper, Clerical Support Specialist, First Collection Services

Winning Voices:  Lawanaka Hooper, Clerical Support Specialist, First Collection Services

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Lawanaka Hooper
Clerical Support Specialist
First Collection Services
Program/Concentration: Jack Welch MBA

Why were you looking to get an MBA?

I cannot believe that I have completed this MBA dream. When I entered the Jack Welch MBA program, I did so for my daughter. I wanted her to see that she can accomplish whatever she sets out to do in life. When I first started at JWMI, she was struggling with the decision to continue to attend college or not. With my encouragement, I am proud to write that she graduated in May 2019. My example was instrumental in this as it taught the value of education, and now, I can say I am an MBA graduate!

Is there anyone you want to thank or who helped you along the way?

Overall, I want to thank JWMI for encouraging and helping me reach this lofty life goal. I am a stronger and more confident person now. I use the concepts from the classroom in my job and see results from that action. A big THANK YOU to all my professors that believed in me and never gave up on me. This was a remarkable experience.

Did you find the curriculum was immediately applicable, please explain?

Yes, the curriculum was clearly laid out so that I knew what was expected of me each week. The program is set up so that if you keep up with your readings and participation, you can master each course. The curriculum not only was applicable to my job at the time but allowed me to build upon my learnings with each class. I was able to gain insights into business that continue to serve me well, even now, after I have graduated.

What’s been your most rewarding experience in the program?

The faculty and support staff (coaches and tutors) are the most beneficial element of the program. The coaches are a free service, and I would encourage all students to use them. I utilized them frequently to help me gain additional insight and clarity into what was being taught. There are many different types of learners, and the program offers a variety of ways to learn, from reading material to audiobooks to video lessons and virtual lessons. These virtual lessons with coaches gave me the confidence to take my self-paced learning from the books and lectures to the next level.

Please share any advice for new students embarking on the MBA journey.

At times, you may lose faith in your ability to achieve the goal of an MBA. You will question yourself and your abilities. Don’t! The Jack Welch MBA is achievable! Do not give up on your dreams; instead, put your best foot forward, and if you need help, the JWMI team is there to support you and ready to help you cross the finish line.

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