Winning Voices: Constantino Restrepo

Winning Voices: Constantino Restrepo

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Constantino Restrepo
Program/Concentration: Jack Welch MBA 

Why were you looking to get an MBA?

I was at the moment in my career when I felt that something was missing. I felt uncomfortable talking about Strategy and Finance, and I realized that I needed to learn the concepts if I wanted to advance and elevate my conversations to the next level. I knew that I needed to get a degree, but I did not want to sacrifice precious personal time with family or take away from my career. I started searching for the best online programs, and then a friend who was a student in the Jack Welch MBA program encouraged me to try it. The rest is history.

Did you find the curriculum immediately applicable?

Call it luck or careful coordination on JWMI’s part, but the program fit perfectly with the professional challenges I was facing. The courses aligned with what was going on in my job. When I took the marketing lessons, we were discussing how to improve our marketing campaigns. When I first took Finance, we were on a project to help the accounting department expedite the income statement workflow. When the strategy course hit, we were working with outside consultants to refresh our vision and goals. Lastly, when discussing change management and the capstone course, I was involved in a significant restructuring initiative for my company.

What’s been your most rewarding experience in the program?

Careers should be built on a foundation of continual learning. I have never pursued title or status but instead performed my work with a drive to lead by example, finding a thrill in my ability to coach and instruct others. The Jack Welch MBA program reinforced those concepts and was a good reminder of the drive I had in my early career to continue to learn and develop new skills. I read more; I challenged more concepts; I became a more proactive listener and embraced diverse and strategic thinking. The JWMI program made me a better leader and a more secure professional.


I found the staff and faculty members very professional and helpful. It isn’t easy to name just one.

Business Communications & Executive Presence with Professor Colette Massengale was one of the most influential courses. I used my new learnings to introduce fresh concepts and techniques into my work communications.

Dr. Phil Harris in Finance, Rodolfo Santamaria in Operations Management, and Paolo Narciso in Entrepreneurship provided great feedback and an exceedingly great level of support throughout their courses. Jeff Brooks helped demystify Strategy. Professor Bruce Smith enabled me to wrap all the program’s concepts together within my capstone project.

The faculty staff is top-level, and we should be thankful for their genuine interest in everyone’s success.

Please share any advice for new students embarking on the MBA journey.

I learned early in the journey that consistency is the key. No matter how tired you are, how difficult you feel the journey is, or how your daily activities get in the way; Set up a routine, try to get ahead of the lectures and readings, and stick to your schedule. Do not procrastinate and accumulate the assignments for the last instance. Stay ahead of the game, and you will realize that the journey feels easier.

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