Two Ways to Ensure Growth in Your Career

Two Ways to Ensure Growth in Your Career

Most people think that growth is a function of what they know. They believe that being a ‘genius’ is all they need to be promotable in an organization. When the promotion doesn’t come at the right time, they become unsatisfied with their jobs. They become cynics. They blame the system.

That happens because they have no idea how career growth truly happens. If you want to grow in your career, follow these two pieces of advice for you:

1. Over Deliver

When you’re assigned a project, your primary objective must be to exceed expectations. You shouldn’t just meet your goals. You must overdeliver on results and performance.

In simple terms, Don’t just meet your target. Exceed it.

Your boss can count on you when they see you deliver with the values that go with it. They will sense your passion, know they can rely on you, and trust you with future projects. When you earn their trust, you become promotable. Growth becomes natural.

2. Make Your Boss Smarter

The second thing that makes you promotable is constantly finding ways to make your boss smarter. Instead of just completing a given task, you could give them a broader perspective by doing a more in-depth analysis.

After seeing the bigger picture, your boss will feel better positioned to present the ideas to their superiors. You can help them achieve this by answering simple questions like:

  • What does this project mean for the company?
  • What does this deal do in the long term?
  • How will this new product shape the industry?

No job is too small if you can see the big picture.

When Jack worked at a chemical plant, his boss’s boss came to visit from New York. Jack’s task was to show him the new pipes. That was the bare minimum. Of course, he didn’t stop there.

He presented to his boss how plastic would reshape the industry. He increased their knowledge by sharing a well-thought-out, research-based perspective they didn’t expect.

When it was time for promotion, the New York boss remembered the presentation, and Jack received his promotion.

So remember these two rules if you want to grow within your company. You have to overdeliver on everything you can. And you have to find ways to make your superiors smart. These two rules will get you that next promotion, and you’ll become a valuable asset to your boss and the organization.