JWMI Connect: A Night of Networking

JWMI Connect: A Night of Networking

Just because the Jack Welch MBA program is online, doesn’t mean our students and alumni don’t mix and mingle.

With over 2,000 students and 1,500 alumni, JWMI students and alumni are everywhere. Our students hail from cities small and large, from coast to coast (to islands), to around the world (67 countries to be exact). And, JWMI’s Student and Alumni Advisory Board members are working hard to promote community engagement via local networking events across the globe.

JWMI’s second Night of Networking event took place this week. Students, alumni, faculty, and staff representing Cincinnati, Washington DC, Denver, Tampa, U.S. Virgin Islands, New York/New Jersey, and Atlanta came together for an evening of smart conversations, networking, and friendship.

The networking events were promoted via JWMI Connect, a private network dedicated to career development, mentoring, and job placement. Students and alumni are able to participate in weekly career and industry-specific live sessions hosted by JWMI faculty and guest speakers, post and apply for jobs, find mentors, register for virtual and local networking events, and connect with the JWMI community.

Visit JWMI’s LinkedIn Networking group for more information. And be on the lookout for future events in San Francisco and Hong Kong!

JWMI Networking Events — September 19, 2019:

JWMI Networking Event

Email [email protected] if you are interested in:

  • Serving as a JWMI ambassador for your region.
  • Joining a future meet up.
  • Learning about a subject matter related to business via webinar.
  • Helping the JWMI community.


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