Winning Voices:  Scott Libert, Lead Product Engineer at Safway

Winning Voices:  Scott Libert, Lead Product Engineer at Safway

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Scott Libert
Lead Product Engineer

Why were you looking to get an MBA?

My previous educational background and experiences developed the technical skills required for my current role as the Lead Product Engineer at BrandSafway. However, I began to see that I did not possess the skills necessary to be the leader I aspired to be. I realized I needed additional education to strengthen my leadership skills and found the Jack Welch MBA to be a perfect fit.

What was your view of the faculty and staff?

The professors and staff at JWMI are outstanding! Their high performance and focus on student success illustrate how Jack’s principles of differentiation and candor create winning teams!

The coaches and tutors are a unique and under-utilized benefit to your MBA journey; I encourage all JWMI students to utilize the available resources, including the coaches.

I started the first JWMI Finance course feeling unsure of myself and left the class feeling confident and capable of speaking the language of finance.

My Finance Coach for the course was especially instrumental in developing my financial skills and understanding. She went out of her way to answer all my questions in a manner that was easily understood and challenged me to think about course topics on a deeper level. I’m incredibly grateful for this additional layer of support!

How did you navigate your job, family, and school? What strategies did you implement to get it done?

It was challenging to balance family, coursework, and my career at the beginning of the MBA journey. However, I quickly discovered that establishing a routine allowed me to dedicate time to all the things that mattered. A vital component of that routine included being proactive with coursework, which significantly reduced my stress levels. For example, in a typical week, I dedicated Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons to complete readings and answering discussion questions for the upcoming week. By posting weekly assignments early, I was able to be more present for family time, and the weight of looming deadlines was lifted from my shoulders. I often spent an hour each weeknight engaged in schoolwork and the remainder of my free time with family and friends.

Please share any advice for new students embarking on the Jack Welch MBA journey.

Engage yourself in the courses, and you will be amazed at how immediately applicable the content is to your daily day-to-day job, no matter your industry. Develop a routine, listen to your professors and coaches, put in the work, and you will succeed. You can do this!

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