How to Quickly Get Promoted at Work

How to Quickly Get Promoted at Work

If you consistently deliver great results and provide them the right way a promotion should soon be in your future. But if you want to speed up the timeline and stand apart, practice these five tips:


  1. Over-Deliver

    Go big or go home. Don’t just settle for getting the assignment done— redefine it, make it bigger, and open your boss’ eyes to a larger opportunity.

  2. Don’t Make Your Boss Play Defense

    Your boss can’t go to bat for you if she is spending valuable time and using her political capital to cover for your poor actions like being late or upsetting the client. Don’t give her any reasons to have to defend you so that when the time comes, there will be political capital banked for the discussion around your promotion.

  3. Love Everyone

    Sure, it’s good to manage up but don’t forget your colleagues, subordinates, and peers across departments. Get to know them on a personal level. A feel-good and positive environment driven by your pleasant nature will lead to great success. After all, you never know who you will be working with next.

  4. Volunteer for Tough Duty

    Raise your hand for the task no one wants to complete. By showing you are a team player and willing to take a risk, you’ll gain points for putting yourself out there.

  5. Seek Mentors… Everywhere

    Don’t limit yourself to just one mentor. Every person you know knows something that you don’t. The more you see everyone you interact with as a mentor, the more insights, ideas and best practices you will soak up.

Of course, no advice can replace good old-fashioned results from simply working hard. But, it can help to speed up the process. So, while the decision to be promoted may be out of your hands, these five action items are fully in your control. Master these each day, and you should be able to get the attention of management very quickly.

Source: A variation of this article was originally published on LinkedIn.

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