4 Things to do Immediately After a Job Interview

4 Things to do Immediately After a Job Interview

Source: This article was originally published on CNBC.
Written by: Courtney Connley, CNBC Make It

When it comes to impressing a potential employer, performing well during the interview is only half the battle.

In fact, it’s actually what you do after an interview that can make or break your chances of getting an offer.

Every candidate should follow these steps within 12 hours of an interview:


1. Write a thank you note

Thank you notes are critical to showing an employer you appreciate their time. That’s why you should send a personalized thank you note to every person you interviewed with immediately after your meeting.

Guess what? Hiring managers often compare thank you notes. So no cutting or pasting. Each note should contain at least one piece of meaningful information that expands on an answer you gave or includes a relevant link to a topic you discussed.

2. Edit your social media accounts

The way you present yourself on social media can have a huge impact on whether you get hired. To ensure that your online presence is in tip-top shape, you should review your accounts as if your interviewer is combing through them, they most likely are.

After your interview, post intelligent tweets about your industry or the economy, and please, avoid stupid Instagram pics.


3. Connect on LinkedIn

Send your interviewers an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, along with a message that refers back to your meeting.

Don’t just click a button. Say something about how much you enjoyed meeting and discussing x, y or z.

4. Don’t stalk

Waiting for a response after a job interview can be excruciating, but under no circumstance should you pester an employer with back-to-back calls and piles of messages.

All of your post-interview communication should come within 12 hours. Then, give your interviewers at least a week before reaching out again.

There is a fine line between eager and desperate. Failing to understand the difference can put you at risk of damaging the good impression you made during the interview.

Get going with those thank you notes. After all, you want to do everything you can to make a lasting positive impression on a potential employer, right away.

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