Dear JWMI community-

Like so many of you, I am outraged and saddened by the recent and continued incidents of discrimination and injustice that have resulted in unconscionable acts of violence. I stand with the JWMI and global communities as we grieve the tragic death of George Floyd and support all those targeted by racism and bigotry.

Our mission at JWMI is to transform lives by giving students the tools to be better leaders. At the very heart of this mission is the belief that each and every person wants voice and dignity, and every person deserves them. As an educational institution committed to leadership, we have a unique and powerful responsibility to help create a world where all people have the opportunity to speak their minds and have their ideas, opinions, and feelings heard.

For us, this means we will stay focused on our mission to transform lives through leadership education while doing our part to foster social justice by providing our students and staff with the support they need during this difficult time. This also includes doing more in the communities where we all live and work. While we know this is just the beginning of a continued commitment, I want to share with you some of the steps we’ve already taken in partnership with our parent company Strategic Education, Inc. (SEI):

Supporting Minneapolis and all our communities
We’ve provided financial support to two organizations that are helping Minneapolis heal:  the Minneapolis YWCA and Lake Street Council. These two organizations are facilitating community conversations on race and supporting the recovery of small and minority-owned businesses to assist in rebuilding the city.

Recognizing the importance of allowing our faculty and staff to give back where they live, we are increasing volunteer time off for every employee so they may use up to 24 hours of paid time to support their local communities across the nation during this time where all of our efforts can create a positive impact.

Supporting JWMI, Faculty, and Staff

For our JWMI students around the nation who need support, as always, we encourage you to utilize the free SOAR resources. Through SOAR, our students and their family have 24/7 access to wellness, life, legal and financial experts.  To learn how to access these resources immediately, visit here.

We have also created support circles for employees across our organization to come together for support, healing, and an opportunity to learn and listen so we can move forward with greater understanding and commitment to each other.

Our mission to provide all individuals with the tools to become better leaders, build great teams and help their organizations and communities win has never felt more important. We at JWMI have recommitted ourselves to this mission, and we ask you to join us and hold us accountable as we seek to do more and better in the days to come.



Dean Sippel
Jack Welch Management Institute