Winning Voices: Sonja Keeve, Home Loan Processor at Movement Mortgage

Winning Voices: Sonja Keeve, Home Loan Processor at Movement Mortgage

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Sonja Keeve
Home Loan Processor
Movement Mortgage

How did your Strayer University undergraduate degree prepare you to embark on your JWMI journey?

The combination of my undergraduate degree from Strayer, along with my work experience prepared me for the JWMI program. Strayer University gave me the foundation I needed to be successful student and a working professional. The school taught me effective study habits and provided me with top-notch content both in the classroom and online. During the last two semesters of my undergraduate degree, I took only online courses. This technique better prepared me for the online classroom environment at JWMI.

I am genuinely a proud alumnus of Strayer University and the Jack Welch Management Insitute. I am thankful every day that my experiences can inspire the next generation of leaders.

What have you done since graduating JWMI?

Since graduating from JWMI in June 2016, I recently became a first-time published author. That launched my professional speaking career where I empower and inspire women across the United States. In fact, I even had the distinct pleasure to go back to the Strayer University campus where I began my education to speak about my experience in the JWMI program. I also opened up my own business named Walk in Love 2 Creations, an online clothing store, specializing in Unisex clothing apparel for men, women, and children. All this while working full time in corporate America.

Why did you want to get an MBA?

I initially aspired to get my MBA because I was looking to advance my career. Jack Welch once said in one of our calls that “Business should be fun.” I had no idea that the JWMI experience would transform my thinking about business principles and that you could have fun in the process.


What JWMI resources did you find most useful?

It was helpful to get inside the minds of CEOs and learn how they think and draw business conclusions as I and my fellow classmates aspire to be the next generation of leaders. There are also a lot of wonderful tools and benefits offered to students. I loved that the school provides Wall Street Journal subscriptions to all students.

What have you learned about yourself during your time at JWMI?

During my time at JWMI, I grew to become a confident leader. I learned so much from the CEOs and experts that graced our online classrooms and from my professors and peers who helped bring it to life. I built great networking relationships that I value and still have to this day! I am also thankful for my professors who challenged me beyond my comfort zone. They awoke my passion for learning, and there are times when I miss the classroom and the powerful and engaging curriculum.

What type of support system did you have in place?

There were many long nights and weekends over my 2 ½ years at JWMI. My family was instrumental in supporting me the entire way. My husband and two kids were my biggest cheerleaders. And when they watched me cross the stage at graduation, hug Jack and receive my MBA I knew the sacrifice was worth it!


What advice can you share with anyone newly embarking on the MBA journey?

To the next class of leaders in the Jack Welch Management Institute, know that the learning you receive as well as the support from the faculty and staff are top notch! Your life will forever be changed for the better—all because you said “YES!” to a Jack Welch MBA.


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