Winning Voices: Philip Parker, Founder & CEO at P.J. Parker & Co.

Winning Voices: Philip Parker, Founder & CEO at P.J. Parker & Co.

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Philip Parker
Marketing Services Manager
Founder and CEO

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am the founder and CEO of my own Tokyo-based company, P.J. Parker & Co. My business brokers the sale of patents. Our clients, the patent sellers, are mostly large Japanese technology companies that have patents superfluous to their needs. The patent buyers are typically high-tech companies in the U.S., China, and Korea. As a small business owner, my responsibilities span the gamut of our company’s activities including sales, operations, technology, and marketing.

Why did you want to get an MBA?

I felt that my management ability was lacking and I was not taking a strategic approach to growing my business. Instead, I was stuck in a cycle, doing the same things over and over again. I also wanted to add leadership skills to my toolbox so I could more efficiently manage my small staff.

How has the JWMI curriculum helped you in your career?

When I started the JWMI program, my business was struggling to break even. Once I started to apply the lessons from the JWMI curriculum, I saw my company’s revenues increase. My company is very profitable today.


What have you learned about yourself during your time at JWMI?

Above all, I have learned what it takes to be a good leader of people. The techniques for being a good leader are not conceptually difficult, but they do require practice. I am sure that I am only half-way to implementing the methods well, but I am now enjoying the challenge of improving my leadership skills.

What’s been your most rewarding experience in the program?

It has been gratifying to see my company succeed with my application of the program’s curriculum. Put simply, winning in business!


What strategies did you implement to manage job, family, life and an MBA?

Being consistent is very important in this program. During the term, I left my office every day by 6 pm, was home for dinner at 7 pm, and started studying by 8 pm. Each weeknight I studied for an hour or two and used weekends to catch up. It is necessary to be time-efficient in following and contributing to the weekly on-line discussions (DQs).

Personally, I am fortunate to have a wonderful wife who understood that I would need to commit a good portion of time to my MBA. With my children in college, I had a little extra time to focus on my myself and my health. I believe it is essential to maintain good physical fitness, during the MBA especially, as it is a great stress reliever.

What advice can you share with new students embarking on the Jack Welch MBA journey?

Approach each subject with an eagerness to learn and apply it to your career and business. If you are enjoying the curriculum, good grades will quickly follow. Be consistent—do at least an hour of study per day every day, so that assignments do not build up. Always submit work on time and don’t get behind. If you are having problems, contact your advisor or instructor straight away: they are there to help.


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