JWMI Developing Self-Driving Car For 2019

JWMI Developing Self-Driving Car For 2019


Herndon, Va. – After revolutionizing online education, the Jack Welch Management Institute now has its sights set on transforming the world of transportation. The MBA program announced its intention to have a saleable fully autonomous car ready for the 2019 model year.

“Our motto is ‘learn it on Monday, and apply it on Tuesday’,” JWMI CEO Dean Sippel said. “What better way is there to give our students the ability to apply their knowledge than through a project that can help alter transportation as we know it?”


JWMI staff and faculty members will supervise the student-led initiative. Despite the guidance of others within the organization, the project will ultimately be the responsibility of the students themselves, with JWMI eMBA candidates relying on the skills they’ve acquired throughout the program to successfully manage and lead the operations of this massive project.

“You look at the world today, and you see so much room for growth in the realm of transportation,” JWMI CMO Megan Burke noted. “A guy like Elon Musk is really doing great things with his electric cars, but the autonomous tech just isn’t there yet. We want JWMI to literally drive the future of business and online education with its forthcoming autonomous car.”


While Google and other technology companies are hard at work developing their own autonomous driving technology, the team at JWMI is certain that it has the goods to beat out the competition and be the first company to bring a full-fledged self-driving vehicle to market.

Although the vehicle’s exact pricing will be released at a later date, the Jack Welch Management Institute wants you to help decide the name of its game-changing autonomous car. Go to the Jack Welch Management Institute’s Twitter page ( to vote on the best name for JWMI’s  state-of-the-art self-driving car.


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