It’s Just the Beginning

It’s Just the Beginning

The end is here!

The final course in the Jack Welch MBA program is our Executive Graduate Capstone class. This course ties together everything students have learned in the Jack Welch MBA program.

And, true to Jack Welch principals of candor and transparency, JWMI faculty take an opportunity in this class to survey students to ensure the program meets the high standards that Jack Welch, faculty and staff set on a daily basis.

What comes out of these Capstone surveys are great transformation stories, we thought we’d highlight a few:

Murat Bora, class of 2017

Resident District Manager, Sodexo

I am not easily satisfied with my accomplishments, but I am incredibly and openly proud of my Jack Welch MBA. I was always good manager, but I now regularly look for ways to improve. I find ways to create greater efficiencies; to no longer wait for change, but instead, bring the change; and instead of accepting results, demand results. Because of these new skills, I was promoted twice between my first and last course. I have been invited to my organization`s leadership conference and assigned to new special projects. Furthermore, I became a better salesman. I sold over $100 million worth of services to existing and new clients while building stronger partnerships. And I am just starting

Rob Bast, class of 2017

Sales Manager, CCBill

I left a dysfunctional organization and used what I learned with the JWMI MBA to leapfrog the competition and get a great position as Sales Manager for CCBill. When I interviewed for the role, the CEO told me that I had the confidence and leadership skills necessary for the job and that there was something that made me stand out among all of the other candidates. That something was the knowledge I received from JWMI and the support from professors and students throughout the program. The time, energy, sacrifices, and money were well worth it because I will now graduate with honors with an MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute.


Stephen Riley, class of 2017

Operations Manager, Forest Dental

In my first weeks at JWMI, I spoke with Scott Christman, Assistant Professor, and he told me that:

Your DNA will change as you go through the JWMI Program.

It seemed a bit of a stretch at the time, but, there is significant truth to that statement. Before the program, I was guilty of ‘not knowing what I did not know.’ As I continued along my course path, I realized each class had an additive impact on my new and current understanding of business and leadership. Because of this, professionally I have grown to be more confident in my abilities as a leader and decision-making skills. This program has the potential to change your life for the better, and by applying myself throughout the process, I am a better person today. I highly recommend the program.

Aaron Hurst, class of 2017

General Manager, Vacasa

Over the past 18 months I have seen explosive personal growth in the areas of leadership, change management and communications. These are not the areas I thought I needed to develop, however, learning how to develop high-performance teams has now become a passion of mine. I crave opportunities to help people learn how to tap their true potential and encourage them to achieve higher results.


Andrea Gunter, class of 2017

Executive Director of Camp Ministry, Atlantic District of the Wesleyan Chruch

The JWMI journey has been an incredible experience for me and one I would recommend to anyone who wants to grow as a leader, as a follower, and as an individual. I am leaving this program with confidence and the proof that I can learn anything I put my mind to and my limitations are always self-imposed. I think differently now – bigger, broader, more inclusive, less restricted. And I was given new opportunities to lead because of this program. There isn’t a single course in the MBA that is not directly applicable to my new job. This is a role I would never have been considered for and never would have considered doing, without my JWMI education. This program has, quite literally, changed everything.

So whether you are at the beginning of this process and just looking for MBA program options, about to embark on your first course at JWMI or somewhere in the middle of the program, know that a Jack Welch MBA builds confidence and leadership skills and opens doors. The end goal of graduation is closer than you think. But, it isn’t really the end. It’s just the beginning.

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