Jack Welch with JWMI Students at graduation

Dear JWMI Community,

Today we lost our friend and mentor Jack Welch. Many things were written about Jack over the years. He was the “Manager of the Century” and the “CEO of CEOs.” As someone who worked with him daily over the past nine years to build the Jack Welch Management Institute into one of the world’s top-ranked online MBA programs, I saw him bring the same passion and energy from the battlegrounds of business to our school and people. From holding quarterly calls with students to shaking every hand at graduation, Jack was personally invested in every JWMI student’s potential and committed to their success.

And Jack’s enormous love of people extends to the JWMI faculty and staff. There was nothing more exciting than his attendance at faculty retreats and his visits with the JWMI team. He was intently interested in how people felt about their jobs and how he could support their success. He was tough and loving in the same moment. And he always got the best out of us.

Jack gave us the blueprint on how to win in business. Have a clear mission and align everyday behaviors to it. Speak with candor but give everyone voice and dignity. Encourage people to take risks. Reward the best. Above all, build great teams. And the JWMI team is strong. Over 2,000 students and 2,000 alumni are now carrying on Jack’s legacy, as well as our faculty and staff. Collectively, we are the carriers of Jack’s and JWMI’s brand, leading with the business tools and people management practices he instilled in us. And we remain committed to our students’ personal and professional successes, and the Jack Welch Management Institute’s future.

We recognize this is a difficult time for those that knew Jack and the JWMI community. If you would like to share your memories and condolences, you can simply email

Best Wishes,

Dean Sippel
Jack Welch Management Institute