3 Traits You Need to Get Hired at Amazon, Google and Other Top Companies

3 Traits You Need to Get Hired at Amazon, Google and Other Top Companies

Source: This article was originally published on CNBC.
Written by: Courtney Connley, CNBC Make It

Every year, LinkedIn measures the activity of its more than 500 million users to get insight on the companies in the U.S. people most want to work for.

This year, employers in tech, media and finance dominate the list, with Amazon taking the top spot. But to land a job at top companies like Netflix, Google, or Amazon—which received 5,000,000 resumes for roughly 12,000 open jobs last year alone—it will take more than skills and experience.

Earning a spot at one of these companies is like winning the lottery.

To stand out from the competition at one of these top companies, you’ll need a sterling resume—and these three traits:


1. Passion for the company’s mission

In order to score a job at one of LinkedIn’s top companies, you must show in your interview that you understand and believe in the company’s mission and values.

Your interview has to prove you have deep familiarity with the company’s heart and soul, its past and future. And you need to make it clear that you are mission-driven.

Show hiring managers that you don’t “work to live,” but, instead, that you “live to work,” for a company with a purpose.

2. Intensity

If you’re a laid back person working for one of today’s leading companies may not be for you. Recruiters are looking for people with intensity to spare.

Tesla is a company where excellence is a passing grade. Facebook wants its people to be bold and move fast.


Top employers want confident candidates full of ideas and energy. Bring your A-game to your interview, as in, Type-A.

3. Humanity

Yes, most top employers are looking for candidates with industry experience, but to really stand out, you’ll also need to demonstrate love for your customers, colleagues and employees.

Top companies use their interviews to look for empathy, kindness, collegiality and authenticity. They want to see your humanity, with a capital ‘H.’

Getting a job at one of the most sought-after companies in America is no easy feat, but if you show the right balance of skills and personality, you’ll have a pretty good chance of scoring a position not only at the Amazons and Googles of the world, but just about anywhere you’d care to work.

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