CEO Magazine Story: The Secret to Student Satisfaction

CEO Magazine Story: The Secret to Student Satisfaction

With a focus on student satisfaction that is unequaled in any other educational institution, CEO Magazine speaks to Mike Zeliff, Dean of Faculty and Students at the Jack Welch Management Institute on its secret to success.

However, true to JWMI’s core principals, the secret to student satisfaction isn’t really a secret at all but in fact a process of aligning all areas of the business around mission, rewarding the right behavior, asking for feedback and then acting on it.

“Our faculty must have practical experience in business, not just a mastery of theory or research experience. It’s this practical experience that brings the material to life for our students.”

Mike shares best practices around faculty engagement and why that process leads to a more engaged and growing student population.

“I need each faculty member to know each student and determine how to transform his or her life, in much the same way a consultant would work with a client.”

The insights gleaned from this interview showcase how JWMI measures student satisfaction and most importantly how they respond to student feedback.

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Originally published in CEO Magazine.

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