Alumni Share Their JWMI Moments (Part 2)

Alumni Share Their JWMI Moments (Part 2)

JWMI 2019 Alumni Share Their Most Memorable Moments of Their MBA Journey:

Rhonda Hinrichs
Director of Ministry Services at North Point Ministries

“It’s difficult to pick just one JWMI faculty member who made a profound impact on my career; however, Kirstin Leighton-Lucas empowered me daily. Because of her, I am a better communicator and exude executive presence, which helped me get ahead in my career.” 

#MyJWMIMoment: Because of this program, my confidence has skyrocketed… I received a 31% raise… and was able to bring new tools, approaches, and thought processes to my leadership style.

Kevin R. Westbrook
Shift Operations Manager at Savannah River National Laboratory

“The course material continually empowered me. I received the confidence and tools that enabled me to be a kick-a** leader and someone who shares leadership principles with others.”

#MyJWMIMoment: Applying what I learned in class the very next day in my job. 

Sheila Hart- Refile Maintenance of Certification Coordinator at the American Board of Ophthalmology

“I never felt alone in the program.”

#MyJWMIMoment: The ability to communicate with the staff, professors, and fellow students who continually pushed me to be a better version of myself.”

Kris Rudravarjula
Technology Strategist & Enterprise Architect

“JWMI gave me an edge to improve my effectiveness as a leader.”

#MyJWMIMoment: “I was blown away by the practical application of what I learned almost immediately.”


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