2019 JWMI Faculty Awards: Inspiration and Excellence

2019 JWMI Faculty Awards: Inspiration and Excellence

Each December, JWMI faculty and leadership travel to sunny Florida to review the previous academic year and plan for the academic year ahead.

This year, the faculty was also celebrating a huge recognition, JWMI faculty were named by Poets & Quants* #1 in all three faculty categories.

  • #1 Overall Quality of Professors
  • #1 in Accessibility and Quality of Faculty
  • #1 in Satisfaction with the Opportunities for Students to Create Good Connections with Faculty

As part of this working retreat, Dean of Faculty and Students, Mike Zeliff, honors select faculty members who champion the values and behaviors of JWMI and who bring the online classroom to life to inspire each student to do his or her very best. Faculty are evaluated based on scorecards that factor in various behaviors as outlined in the Faculty Charter, in addition, student NPS scores. The top 20% of professors for the year were nominated within each category. The leadership team then reviews those professors and evaluates for consistency during each term and Jack Welch’s famous tool for talent evaluation, the 4Es and a P of leadership.

This year, the following outstanding faculty were awarded:

Full Professor of the Year Award
Terrie Pellitteri

Associate Professor of the Year Award
Lou Melocchi

Part-time Course Lead Award
Jeremy Agler

Full-time Course Lead Award
John Shaw

Mission & Values Award
Joseph Anderson

Curriculum Award
Kirstin Leighton-Lucas

Pictured with Kristin: Jeff McCullough, JWMI Instructional Designer

The Curriculum Award is awarded to a faculty member who helps to build or improve upon a course in a meaningful way. Kirstin’s leadership to improve JWMI’s coaching process and support and train new communication coaches was instrumental in driving positive results for JWMI students. Her “student-first” mindset is evident in all her work to improve JWMI’s process and curriculum content.

Social Media Award
Blanche Wallace

Pictured with Blanche: Meg Rodgers, CMO JWMI

The Social Media Award is awarded to a faculty member who helps to promote the school through his or her use of social media. Blanche is an active member of our social community across all platforms. Specifically, her engagement on LinkedIn and with JWMI marketing collateral and stakeholders makes her a powerful brand ambassador.

Hustler of the Year Award
Dan Hecht

2019 Team Award: JWI 510

Pictured Left to Right: Mike Zeliff, John Bennett, Scott Christman, Joel Schlesinger, Jim Sartain, Chinue Uecker, Gregory Dardis, Blanche Wallace, Richard McElroy, Jeremy Agler, Curtis Curry, Mario Barrett. (Not pictured: Stephen Griffith, Elwin Jones, Dan Hecht, Michelle March)

Congratulations to all our outstanding faculty for setting such high standards and for this achievement.


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