10 Behaviors That Could Kill Your Career

10 Behaviors That Could Kill Your Career

Careers rarely follow a smooth, linear trajectory.

If you’re experiencing a stalled or faltering career — and most of us do at some point or another — take a good look in the mirror.

Are you guilty of exhibiting any of these common career-killing behaviors?


  • Misfiring on performance or values—Overcommitting and under-delivering.
  • Resistance to change—Failing to embrace new ideas.
  • Being a Problem Identifier vs. a Problem Solver.
  • Winning over your boss but not your business peer group.
  • Always worrying about your next career move versus focusing on the present.
  • Running for office—it’s transparent to everyone but you!
  • Self-importance—exhibiting a humorless, rigid attitude.
  • Lacking the courage and conviction to push back on the system.
  • Forgetting to develop your succession plan for when you get promoted.
  • Complacency—you’ve stopped growing.


These ten career-killing pitfalls can mean the difference between an upward ride and a downward spiral at work. If you recognize your own behaviors here, make it your mission to change them—before you have to. In time, you’re likely to see your career move from a stall to a soar.

Source: This article was originally published on LinkedIn

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