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Built on Jack Welch’s proven management practices, our laser-focused Bootcamps are designed to help you transform your skills and rise to meet today’s most urgent business challenges.

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  • Jack's Certifications
    Personally developed by one of the greatest CEOs of all time.
  • JWMI
    Built on proven management practices that you can put into action right away.
  • JWMI
    Taught live in an interactive online classroom by our renowned MBA faculty.
  • Live Conference with Jack
    Offering the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a live video conference with Jack Welch.
  • JWMI
    Taught live in an interactive online classroom by our renowned MBA faculty.



Bring everything you learn straight back to your job — our motto is “Learn it today, Apply it tomorrow."


Access the course online from anywhere. Engage real-time in live sessions or watch them later at your convenience.


Earn your certificate in just 6 weeks for a fast, powerful resume credential.


For $1,800, it’s a great value for you and your company, with lifelong returns.


Bootcamps = $0 for 6 Weeks


Leaders aren't born; they're made. And yet, many working professionals find themselves in leadership positions before they've fully developed the essential skills to build winning teams and deliver stellar results. In this intensive six-week certificate program, personally designed by Jack Welch, students learn how to hire, motivate, coach, and inspire with confidence, ultimately mastering the art of leadership for today and tomorrow.

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No organization can win without the right strategy to guide its decisions and actions. In this advanced program, students receive a rigorous, hands-on education in assessing market dynamics, analyzing sources of growth, and building sustainable competitive advantage. Cases and lectures also examine best practices in M&A, strategic planning, and stretch budgeting. Whether new to strategy or seeking a refresher, managers will find JWMI's strategy course an essential addition to their toolbox for success.

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In this course, students learn how to inform, persuade, and engage for maximum impact. With a focus on the management of people and organizations, participants study applicable techniques to improve the effectiveness of their verbal and written communication skills in a business setting, with an emphasis on the importance of candor and transparency — two skills that are critical to winning.

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Finance isn’t about throwing acronyms around. It’s about being able to use numbers to get at the truth—because the truth will set you free to make good business decisions. This course will expose you to the principles of corporate finance and the key techniques related to building a business case, cost management metrics, and financial controls. By the time you complete the course, you’ll be on your way to reading business by the numbers.

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Today’s business landscape is a fundamentally global one. This course focuses on recognizing and understanding global interconnections of economic, political, societal, and environmental systems. Participants will develop abilities to lead effectively within the global environment and have the unique opportunity to examine the impact of global issues on strategies, operations, and people.

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