Student Story: Cristy Carey

June 18, 2016.Cristy Carey.3 Likes.0 Comments

JWMI has had a significant impact on my career. When I told the executive team that I had enrolled and was planning to obtain a MBA, I was given a promotion from director to area director of two offices. Two weeks ago, I received a call from my boss asking when I was going to graduate. I told them that I would be finished with school on June 19. She then told me that on July 1, they wanted to promote me to area director of the entire state of GA.

Not only has JWMI allowed me to climb the career ladder, but I have also been given the knowledge to become a better leader. I have also become more confident in my skills. Before JWMI, I was reluctant to offer my suggestions to upper management. Through my studies, I have gained confidence and know that my ideas are valuable and should be shared. I have also learned to think more strategically and see the bigger picture.

JWMI is one of the best investments that I have ever made. While my family and I have made sacrifices along the way, it has been so worth it. I am so proud to be part of this program.

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