Which Type Of Leader Are You? (Quiz)

March 26, 2016.Business.#Quiz

Leadership comes in many forms. Some leaders achieve success through influence, others through dominance. Meanwhile, a number of leaders rely on being steady and/or conscientious in their leadership style. Needless to say, there are a number of approaches great leaders rely on to steer a team to success. Take our quiz below to find out the leadership style […]

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What Should I Do With My Life? Three Questions to Ask

March 21, 2016.Careers

Not long ago, we got a call from a bright young man whom we’ve both mentored for years. He’s 28, the graduate of a top-notch university with a degree in economics. His resume includes working at Morgan Stanley, and two years as COO of a Silicon Valley start-up that was sold to an e-commerce site. […]

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How to Break Bad News to Your Boss

February 29, 2016.Business
bad news

Sometimes at work – and actually, more times than you’d ever want – something goes wrong or gets screwed up. A project goes awry; an important client decides to go elsewhere; a new product just doesn’t catch fire the way everyone expected. Business is filled with crises and failures, large and small, and when they […]

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43% of Employees Considered Quitting this Year. Here’s How to Make Sure Yours Don’t.

February 29, 2016.Business

If you’re thinking of making a career move, don’t let your desire to find greener pastures cloud your ability assess a potential job’s organizational culture. From Netflix’s unlimited paid family program for new parents (on top of unmonitored holidays), to the exposé and rebuttal of hazing-like executive inductions at Amazon, the media spotlight on workplace [...]

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