What Millennials Really Want — And How to Give it to Them

June 6, 2016.Business

Entitled. Greedy. Disloyal. The perceptions surrounding today’s millennial generation aren’t always flattering. But we don’t get why this group so often gets a bad rap. In fact, we think the crop of twenty somethings breaking into the business world right now is about as energized and exciting a group of “kids” as we’ve ever seen. […]

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Will Working Remote Kill Your Career?

May 16, 2016.Business.#Telecommute
remote, work

We love telecommuting. It allows us to write this column from wherever our life happens to land us in any given week. It’s the perfect deal—for us— and for a great many people, from nearly every industry and geography, today. But telecommuting can also be a total disaster, especially if you want to climb the […]

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Why NAFTA Really Matters to America

May 10, 2016.Business.#America
NAFTA, America

NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) is a labor and international trading agreement between three countries – the United States, Canada, and Mexico. NAFTA’s goals were to increase wealth and competitiveness, and deliver real benefits to families, farmers, workers, manufacturers, and consumers in North America through a reduction in tariffs and regulation. NAFTA is […]

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The Biggest Thief In Your Organization

May 7, 2016.Leadership
organization, job, steal, rob

Some employees literally steal from your organization, but they’re rare, and managing them is straightforward. A big, loud, public kick out the door. By contrast, employees who steal your time and energy are much more typical, but for some reason – guilt, maybe? – they’re some of the hardest to deal with. Let’s start with […]

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