The Four Reasons SXSW is Freaking Me Out

March 13, 2015.Events.#SXSW

The big day approaches: Saturday at 3:30pm, it’s the Brawl in the Hall — What it Really Takes to Win in Business – at SXSW Interactive. Jack Welch vs. Gary Vaynerchuck, old school vs. new, corporate titan vs. techno whiz, Mr. Corner Office vs. Mr. ‘Office? What Office?’ Hello, I’m moderating this thing. And frankly, I’m freaking […]

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Do You Have a Jerk Problem?

February 23, 2015.Business
kids, bully

Nothing hurts a company more than when the bosses ignore, indulge, or otherwise tolerate a jerk—or two or three—in the house. Such latitude undermines organizational trust and morale, and without those, the competitive linchpins of collaboration and speed are just plain harder. Not to mention the fact that jerks take the fun out of work. […]

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Tough Boss or Bad Boss?

February 3, 2015.Business
cats, good boss

Do tough bosses really get more out of their people? Of course they get short-term results, but do they really help a company win in the long run? We’d say yes and yes. But how tough a boss seems may well depend on your own performance. There can be little debate about the fact that […]

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10 Leadership Lessons You Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way

January 9, 2015.Leadership

If you’ve ever managed people, chances are you’ve had your share of sure-fire leadership successes, along with a few tough missteps and “wish I had knowns” — and probably learned a thing or two from all of three. In no particular order, here are a few essential threads of wisdom we’ve collected over the years […]

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