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Can Failure Make You A Better Leader?

December 15, 2015.Entrepreneurship.#Gary Vaynerchuk

Early on in Jack Welch’s career at General Electric, he literally blew the roof off of a plant. It was a massive failure for the man who would later become the company’s CEO, but it was also a learning experience. That’s the key to failure – learning. After a failure you have to get yourself […]

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Why I Chose JWMI Over MIT

October 29, 2015.Education

I was like many prospective students at first, very apprehensive about a relatively new program. I pretty much could have gotten into any program I wanted (and did get accepted to several, including Wharton, MIT and Harvard) but none of them were really compatible with my work and travel-for-work schedules. Someone not affiliated with the JWMI […]

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The Right Pit Crew for Performance

August 13, 2015.Business
Pit, crew, race, car

An organization’s people are the true heart of what matters. From whom they are to what they know and are capable of, employees can – and will – make or break an organization’s success. Although they are among the most valuable assets, our human resources can also be the most challenging, time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive […]

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Think You’re Prepared for Your Interview? Find Out

July 27, 2015.Careers

Four months ago, I wrote a column for LinkedIn that suggested a single question could help seal the deal during a job search, for both those doing the hiring, and those hoping to be hired. “What did you do to prepare for this interview?” Understandably, I explained, the more thoughtful and thorough the preparation, the better, for […]

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The 7 Words That Could Save Your Career

April 2, 2015.Careers
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Hey, did you hear Jay-Z just launched a new digital streaming service called Tidal? Headlines are screaming it could shake-up the music industry. Or how about the new apps, Meerkat and Periscope? People are saying they might upend the news business, and maybe sports too. Tidal…Meerkat…Periscope…technologies that are going to change everything. Hello, did you […]

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