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The Six Deadly Sins of M&A (Listen Up Linkedin and Microsoft!)

June 19, 2016.Business
Mergers and acquisitions, microsoft, M&A

With the exciting news that Linkedin has been acquired by Microsoft for $26 billion this week, we thought it only fitting to talk about a topic that we’ve received countless questions about over the years — M&A. What is the right cycle time for mergers and acquisitions? How do you prepare for integration? What would […]

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Five Questions That Make Strategy Real

March 27, 2016.Strategy

Lots of people – most notably academics and consultants – tend to talk about strategy as if it’s some kind of high-brain scientific methodology. We come from a different school of thought. That strategy is a living, breathing, totally dynamic game. It’s fun – and fast.  And it’s alive. Forget the scenario planning, yearlong studies, and […]

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Giving a Presentation? Three Ways to Leave Your Fingerprint

February 23, 2016.Candor

I’ll never forget my first speech. It was 1964 in Cooperstown, NY, and I was a 29-year-old project manager at GE who’d been asked to present a new plastics venture to a group of 300 high-level corporate types. Weeks beforehand, I meticulously wrote out every word I was going to say, and practiced reading it […]

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You’re Getting Innovation All Wrong

June 30, 2014.Business

You hear the word “innovation” all the time these days, especially as it relates to competitive advantage. Most people just see innovation as a rare big bang. It’s a lot more than that. In reality, innovation is a series of little steps that, cumulatively, lead up to a big deal that changes the game. Yet […]

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When To Go With Your Gut

November 12, 2013.Business

As a general rule, gut instinct is nothing to be ashamed of. Quite the opposite. It’s really just pattern recognition, isn’t it? You’ve seen something so many times over your life or career that you just get what’s going on without a lot of deep thinking. Gut instinct is a deep, even subconscious, familiarity — […]

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