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Managing a Remote Workforce

March 6, 2017.Management

Earlier this year, Suzy and I wrote an article discussing the benefits and challenges of working remotely. The bottom line was that while “commuting to the office in your slippers” definitely has some advantages; it also brings with it (potential) career limitations. Often, when key decisions are made, or the team rallies together around a tight deadline, […]

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Four Steps to Help You Make Tough Calls

August 12, 2016.Management
tough, ref

Do I go to the gym or do I bank the extra sleep? Caf or decaf? Take the train or drive? Go out or eat in? We make decisions—consciously and unconsciously—all day, every day. As a business leader, making decisions can be tough, particularly when you know that your choices will affect board members and […]

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Five Ways to Check Your Hiring Blind Spots

July 18, 2016.Leadership.#Hiring
hiring, woman, glasses

Good hiring checklists—the best ones—are inextricably linked to your organization’s mission. Deeper still, they’re linked to the specific skills and behaviors that you’ve ascertained will achieve that mission. Now, we understand that there are also a number of “must-have” traits that most managers look for in the hiring process. Integrity is one of them, and […]

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What Millennials Really Want — And How to Give it to Them

June 6, 2016.Business

Entitled. Greedy. Disloyal. The perceptions surrounding today’s millennial generation aren’t always flattering. But we don’t get why this group so often gets a bad rap. In fact, we think the crop of twenty somethings breaking into the business world right now is about as energized and exciting a group of “kids” as we’ve ever seen. […]

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Why I Love Micromanaging And You Should Too

January 19, 2016.Business

Not long ago, I co-hosted CNBC’s Squawk Box with Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank. A lot was debated that day, but at one point, Kevin offered the opinion, “Micromanagement is vastly underrated.” I think a few others on the set were a little taken aback given the bad rap micromanagement often gets, but I wasn’t […]

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