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The Number One New Year’s Resolution Every Leader Should Make

January 4, 2016.Business.#New Years
New year

I’ve written previously about my view of the three most important metrics to measure a business’s health. They are employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow. While each of these is important, the latter two are difficult for an individual to change quickly. Employee engagement, however, is something that is in the hands of every leader, […]

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Guess Who’s Leaning Out Too Soon? It’s Not Just Young Women

October 22, 2015.Careers
leaning out

It’s their parents. It’s also young men’s parents. In fact, according to new research commissioned by LinkedIn in celebration of LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents on November 5, nearly 70 percent of parents bow out of their adult children’s professional lives long before their kids want them to. As a parent of four adult children myself, all […]

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The Right Pit Crew for Performance

August 13, 2015.Business
Pit, crew, race, car

An organization’s people are the true heart of what matters. From whom they are to what they know and are capable of, employees can – and will – make or break an organization’s success. Although they are among the most valuable assets, our human resources can also be the most challenging, time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive […]

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What If You’re Never Going To Be The Next Zuckerberg?

July 24, 2015.Entrepreneurship
Big greasy gears in the old machine.

Big greasy gears in the old machine.

In today’s accelerated world where exciting new technologies can pop up overnight to disrupt and dominate traditional businesses, grow whole new verticals, and drive multi-billion dollar acquisitions, “entrepreneur” has become a red-hot buzzword and a dream job. Who doesn’t want to join the ranks of Uber, Warby Parker or Snapchat or secretly imagine making the […]

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SXSW: The Slugfest that Wasn’t (And that’s OK)

March 15, 2015.Business
South by Southwest

We just returned from our first foray to SXSW in Austin, and we are still airborne. That is, we’re still flying high over the positive energy from our audience – smart, optimistic, and engaged, filled the kind of stuff that makes you very excited about business. If the people in our audience of 3000-plus are […]

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