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Experts of Practice: Gary Vaynerchuk on Empathy

January 6, 2016.Culture.#Empathy

Empathy doesn’t just allow great leaders to understand and share the feelings of a co-worker or employee, it also serves to benefit company culture.

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Can Failure Make You A Better Leader?

December 15, 2015.Entrepreneurship.#Gary Vaynerchuk

Early on in Jack Welch’s career at General Electric, he literally blew the roof off of a plant. It was a massive failure for the man who would later become the company’s CEO, but it was also a learning experience. That’s the key to failure – learning. After a failure you have to get yourself […]

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What If You’re Never Going To Be The Next Zuckerberg?

July 24, 2015.Entrepreneurship
Big greasy gears in the old machine.

Big greasy gears in the old machine.

In today’s accelerated world where exciting new technologies can pop up overnight to disrupt and dominate traditional businesses, grow whole new verticals, and drive multi-billion dollar acquisitions, “entrepreneur” has become a red-hot buzzword and a dream job. Who doesn’t want to join the ranks of Uber, Warby Parker or Snapchat or secretly imagine making the […]

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