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Do You Have a Jerk Problem?

February 23, 2015.Business
kids, bully

Nothing hurts a company more than when the bosses ignore, indulge, or otherwise tolerate a jerk—or two or three—in the house. Such latitude undermines organizational trust and morale, and without those, the competitive linchpins of collaboration and speed are just plain harder. Not to mention the fact that jerks take the fun out of work. […]

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Should You Ever Work For A Bad Boss?

May 27, 2014.Business
boss, good, bad

What’s better, to work for a bad boss at a good company or a good boss at a weak company? We’ve gotten this question several times while traveling around the world, and we have been amazed at how split audiences seem on the answer. Amazed, because to us this is an absolute no-brainer. If you […]

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