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Frustrated at Work? Here’s an Antidote

August 8, 2016.Careers

You’re out having lunch at your favorite pizza spot, sitting around with your colleagues, and the hot topic of the day is the new evaluation system at work. You hate it. It’s all a bunch of bureaucratic phoniness. At last week’s lunch, it was the strategic planning process. All chart-making, not real discussion – no […]

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43% of Employees Considered Quitting this Year. Here’s How to Make Sure Yours Don’t.

February 29, 2016.Business

If you’re thinking of making a career move, don’t let your desire to find greener pastures cloud your ability assess a potential job’s organizational culture. From Netflix’s unlimited paid family program for new parents (on top of unmonitored holidays), to the exposé and rebuttal of hazing-like executive inductions at Amazon, the media spotlight on workplace [...]

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Can Your Business Handle A Results-Only Work Environment?

January 13, 2016.Business.#ROWE

Developed over a decade ago by two human resources professionals at Best Buy, ROWE, or the Results-Only Work Environment, is a controversial HR strategy that calls for the end of the traditional 9-to-5 workday, as well as the elimination of employers setting a predetermined number of sick and vacation days for its employees. Instead, company staff […]

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Experts of Practice: Gary Vaynerchuk on Empathy

January 6, 2016.Culture.#Empathy

Empathy doesn’t just allow great leaders to understand and share the feelings of a co-worker or employee, it also serves to benefit company culture.

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How Promotable Are You?

May 26, 2015.Business

What’s the number one quality a leader, at any level, can’t live without? Intelligence? Charisma? The ability to see around corners? The possible answers are myriad. But above all, I would argue, in good times, and especially in bad, it’s positive energy. Nothing matters more. You can’t come to work with your head down, scared.  […]

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