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Frustrated at Work? Here’s an Antidote

August 8, 2016.Careers

You’re out having lunch at your favorite pizza spot, sitting around with your colleagues, and the hot topic of the day is the new evaluation system at work. You hate it. It’s all a bunch of bureaucratic phoniness. At last week’s lunch, it was the strategic planning process. All chart-making, not real discussion – no […]

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Leading Geeks, Nerds, and Geniuses: It’s Complicated

April 9, 2016.Communication

In the course of your career as a leader, chances are you will encounter a few types of employees that are, well, uniquely complicated to manage. Especially if you didn’t come up through the ranks of their functional area. These are individuals whose work you don’t understand, or couldn’t do yourself. They generally dwell in […]

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How to Break Bad News to Your Boss

February 29, 2016.Business
bad news

Sometimes at work – and actually, more times than you’d ever want – something goes wrong or gets screwed up. A project goes awry; an important client decides to go elsewhere; a new product just doesn’t catch fire the way everyone expected. Business is filled with crises and failures, large and small, and when they […]

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Giving a Presentation? Three Ways to Leave Your Fingerprint

February 23, 2016.Candor

I’ll never forget my first speech. It was 1964 in Cooperstown, NY, and I was a 29-year-old project manager at GE who’d been asked to present a new plastics venture to a group of 300 high-level corporate types. Weeks beforehand, I meticulously wrote out every word I was going to say, and practiced reading it […]

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Why I Love Micromanaging And You Should Too

January 19, 2016.Business

Not long ago, I co-hosted CNBC’s Squawk Box with Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank. A lot was debated that day, but at one point, Kevin offered the opinion, “Micromanagement is vastly underrated.” I think a few others on the set were a little taken aback given the bad rap micromanagement often gets, but I wasn’t […]

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