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Three Ways to Take Your Company’s Pulse

May 5, 2015.Business
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Every type of business, not to mention every type of manager, has a different set of vital statistics that really matter. For manufacturing people, it could be inventory turns, on-time delivery, and unit cost. For marketing people, it could be new account closings, market share, and sales growth. For call center managers, it could be the […]

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Six Secrets to Success at Work

April 29, 2015.Business
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How many people do you know who are truly happy at work? Are you one of them?  We recently surveyed American professionals throughout the nation and learned that nearly a third feel trapped in their careers and passed over for promotions. Don’t count yourself among them. If you’re feeling stuck, here are six operating principles that […]

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How Long Will You Put Up With Your Stalled Career?

April 11, 2015.Careers

Every career-stall story has its own particularities. Its mitigating factors; its extraordinary circumstances. But generally speaking, careers only stall for a few reasons, which we’re going to run through here before getting to the action steps that we believe might turn your situation around. First, careers can stall when your company does not have a […]

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The 7 Words That Could Save Your Career

April 2, 2015.Careers
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Hey, did you hear Jay-Z just launched a new digital streaming service called Tidal? Headlines are screaming it could shake-up the music industry. Or how about the new apps, Meerkat and Periscope? People are saying they might upend the news business, and maybe sports too. Tidal…Meerkat…Periscope…technologies that are going to change everything. Hello, did you […]

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The Interview Question That Can Seal The Deal

March 18, 2015.Careers

I’m in the middle of hiring someone to replace my irreplaceable executive assistant, a title that barely does justice (as any executive assistant will tell you) to the extraordinary intensity and intellect of such a job. The job search has yielded several excellent candidates, meaning that I’ve once again had the opportunity to ask my […]

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