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Guess Who’s Leaning Out Too Soon? It’s Not Just Young Women

October 22, 2015.Careers
leaning out

It’s their parents. It’s also young men’s parents. In fact, according to new research commissioned by LinkedIn in celebration of LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents on November 5, nearly 70 percent of parents bow out of their adult children’s professional lives long before their kids want them to. As a parent of four adult children myself, all […]

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How Those Totally “Useless” Meetings Can Make or Break Your Career

July 29, 2015.Business

This spring, in 75 Q&A sessions across a 21-city book tour promoting our new book, The Real Life MBA, we spoke to thousands of people and fielded audience questions on everything business: careers, globalization, budgeting, strategy, social media, and the like. We were surprised, however, by one area of questioning that came up in just about […]

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Think You’re Prepared for Your Interview? Find Out

July 27, 2015.Careers

Four months ago, I wrote a column for LinkedIn that suggested a single question could help seal the deal during a job search, for both those doing the hiring, and those hoping to be hired. “What did you do to prepare for this interview?” Understandably, I explained, the more thoughtful and thorough the preparation, the better, for […]

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Getting This Wrong Could Kill Your Career

July 13, 2015.Candor

If there’s one thing that’s in short supply in almost every organization, at every level, it’s straight talk – candor. It’s business’s biggest dirty little secret that in most companies, most people would rather hide or spin the truth than share it, making it hard for everyone to bring the reality of the situation to the surface […]

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Why Getting Promoted Should Scare You

July 1, 2015.Careers

Your last project was considered a huge success and, as a result, you just got promoted a few rungs up to run a department for the first time. You’re over the moon, of course, but then… Fear sets in. Maybe you’re afraid you don’t know what you’re doing. Maybe you feel like you don’t have […]

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