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New JWMI Study Finds Nearly Half Of American Professionals Have Thought About Calling It Quits In The Past Year

February 10, 2016.Careers.#JWMI Study

This week JWMI released critical new findings from our national workforce survey, which was conducted to determine how employees perceive their managers, careers, and workplace culture. The survey finds that 43% of American professionals have thought about quitting their jobs in the past year, due to stifling frustrations at work.

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Job Security in Two Simple Words

January 13, 2016.Business
job security

Getting a job is one thing, keeping it another, especially in an economy where layoffs are like snow days in Boston. They happen. And when they do, managers are required, usually with heavy hearts, to make two lists: who stays and who goes. So, how do you make sure you’re on the former? I wish […]

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The Dirty Secret About Job Titles

January 5, 2016.Business
job title dont matter

Bad news – no one really cares about your job title. That’s right, whether your business card says “manager”, “director”, or “digital prophet”, your title is largely irrelevant in today’s job market. “Job titles and parking spaces are relics of the past,” Jack Welch said in a recent WelchCast episode. Thank the environment created by […]

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Four Ways To Build A Better LinkedIn Profile

December 16, 2015.Careers.#LinkedIn

You can hate Facebook, loathe Twitter and downright ignore Instagram, but even if you’re social media shy, you can’t neglect LinkedIn. The career-oriented social media network with approximately 400 million users is a prime place to make important connections, keep up with the latest industry news and even find your next job. To make the […]

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Would You Want To Work For… You?

October 26, 2015.Business

Over the past 15 years, I’ve held Q&A sessions with over a million people at more than a thousand events around the world. In all but a handful of these events, people bring up their bosses – and vent about them. This topic comes up without fail, no matter where I am, or what industry […]

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