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Jack and Suzy Welch are co-authors of the book, The Real-Life MBA -- Your No-BS Guide to Winning the Game, Building a Team, and Growing Your Career, which debuted as a #1 Wall Street Journal and Washington Post best-seller.
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Five Ways to Fast-Track Your Promotion

August 13, 2016.Careers
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Who isn’t impatient to get ahead? According to a recent national workforce survey conducted by IPSOS, a global market research firm, and the Jack Welch Management Institute, 31 percent of American professionals said they have been passed over for a promotion they felt they deserved and 43 percent thought about quitting their jobs in the past […]

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Frustrated at Work? Here’s an Antidote

August 8, 2016.Careers

You’re out having lunch at your favorite pizza spot, sitting around with your colleagues, and the hot topic of the day is the new evaluation system at work. You hate it. It’s all a bunch of bureaucratic phoniness. At last week’s lunch, it was the strategic planning process. All chart-making, not real discussion – no […]

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Your Boss Ignores You… Now What?

August 1, 2016.Careers

As you’re sitting at the beach this summer and have some time to think (hopefully you’re in flip-flops, in a place where the weather is really, really nice), here’s something important to ask yourself: Do you really, truly know where you stand in your organization? With your boss? Compared to your peers? Are you satisfied that […]

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Five Ways to Check Your Hiring Blind Spots

July 18, 2016.Leadership.#Hiring
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Good hiring checklists—the best ones—are inextricably linked to your organization’s mission. Deeper still, they’re linked to the specific skills and behaviors that you’ve ascertained will achieve that mission. Now, we understand that there are also a number of “must-have” traits that most managers look for in the hiring process. Integrity is one of them, and […]

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The Most Mind-Numbing Ritual in Business

July 11, 2016.Business
Three frustrated and overworked business people in the board room with arms crossed and head in hands.

Three frustrated and overworked business people in the board room with arms crossed and head in hands.

There are a good many of them, to be sure – but “delivering the budget” has got to be one of the most universally entrenched, uniquely counterproductive exercises in organizations across the world. Look, some form of financial planning is obviously necessary: Companies have to keep track of the numbers. But the budgeting process as […]

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