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As the Jack Welch Management Institute's strategic business and operations leader, Dean has transformed JWMI into one of the fastest-growing and most innovative business education programs in the world, growing its student population over 40% a year since inception, to more than 4,500 students, alumni, and certificate participants.
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Identify your ONE thing and increase your productivity

April 24, 2017.Leadership
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Productivity. It’s a word that may turn some stomachs. We’ve read countless articles on how to optimize time and get more done. It’s what we’re always striving for, right? To get as much done as efficiently as possible. But it can be hard to know how to start transforming the way we work in order […]

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Four Steps to Help You Make Tough Calls

August 12, 2016.Management
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Do I go to the gym or do I bank the extra sleep? Caf or decaf? Take the train or drive? Go out or eat in? We make decisions—consciously and unconsciously—all day, every day. As a business leader, making decisions can be tough, particularly when you know that your choices will affect board members and […]

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Can You Answer This One Question About Your Job? (Most People Can’t)

August 7, 2016.Careers

“What do you do?” It’s a simple enough question heard time and time again—at social and business events, high school and family reunions, and conferences. People should have no problem answering this simple question, then, right? Wrong. Ask this question and you’ll see that the first response you get will likely be someone’s job title, […]

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Are You “All In”? Four Ways to Tell

August 5, 2016.Business

Last week, I ran into a colleague who was carrying two phones—one for work and one for personal use. It wasn’t born of a need for privacy or an interest in accumulating more cool devices. Instead, the employee was attempting to achieve a healthy “work-life balance,” and the two phones were just the most overt […]

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43% of Employees Considered Quitting this Year. Here’s How to Make Sure Yours Don’t.

February 29, 2016.Business

If you’re thinking of making a career move, don’t let your desire to find greener pastures cloud your ability assess a potential job’s organizational culture. From Netflix’s unlimited paid family program for new parents (on top of unmonitored holidays), to the exposé and rebuttal of hazing-like executive inductions at Amazon, the media spotlight on workplace [...]

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