Hey PWC, Your Oscars Fail Could Be a Big Win. If…

March 6, 2017.Events

Every company screws up at some point. Big mistake or little, both happen, because, hello, companies are comprised of humans. Few mistakes, however, are as epic as PWC’s fail at the Oscars. In five excruciating minutes, it had every ingredient for its own Oscar – for “Most Facial Expressions in One Room, Ever.” The word […]

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Tom Brady: Business Guru. Who Knew?

March 6, 2017.Success

What a game last night. There’s never been, and there may never be, another Super Bowl like it — and we’d say that even if we weren’t huge New England Patriots fans! But we’re writing this article because, in all the frenzied excitement of the post-game celebration, we were thunderstruck by one particular thing Tom […]

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Managing a Remote Workforce

March 6, 2017.Management

Earlier this year, Suzy and I wrote an article discussing the benefits and challenges of working remotely. The bottom line was that while “commuting to the office in your slippers” definitely has some advantages; it also brings with it (potential) career limitations. Often, when key decisions are made, or the team rallies together around a tight deadline, […]

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Five Assumptions You Have to Make When Managing a Crisis

March 6, 2017.Leadership

Crises are a Part of Life…and Business It’s a rare day that you turn on the television or open the newspaper and don’t encounter a story about a crisis unfolding in an organization somewhere. Crises come in all shapes and sizes. Some are very public like bank employees opening accounts under false identities (Wells Fargo) or […]

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