Turn Your Experience into Credit

Not all learning is classroom-based. JWMI curriculum is built for working professionals. Why not take advantage of the on-the-job learning you’ve already mastered?

The Life Credit Portfolio (LCP) provides qualified students who have relevant professional experience with an affordable alternative to taking the full course. Using procedures developed by the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), we assess knowledge gained outside the classroom on a course-by-course basis for possible credit toward a degree.

How it works:

To demonstrate how your professional experience meets the requirements of a specific course, you will need to create an online Portfolio. You will have six months to complete and submit your Portfolio. We’ll evaluate the Portfolio under CAEL standards; meeting at least 80% of the course objectives awards you life experience college credit.

Courses available for LCP credit:
  • JWI 505 – Business Communications & Executive Presence
  • JWI 518 – Marketing in a Global Environment
  • JWI 530 – Financial Management I
  • JWI 531 – Financial Management II
  • JWI 550 – Operations Management
  • JWI 575 – New Business Ventures & Entrepreneurship
  • The certification process costs $1,500 per course.
  • Payment is made through the JWMI business office. (Note: Financial aid cannot be used.)
Get Started:
  1. Work with your JWMI advisor to select the appropriate course for LCP credit.
  2. Submit the Life Credit Portfolio Application Form to the Registrar’s Office.
  3. Once approved, you will receive an email with login instructions.
  4. Login to the LearningCounts graduate portfolio course.
  5. Complete the self-study portfolio course, as follows:
    1. Obtain the course syllabus and copy the Learning Outcomes (LOs) for the course.
    2. Write a Learning Narrative to show how your experience fulfills those LOs.
    3. Collect Supporting Documentation to verify your Learning Narrative.
    4. Review your work—does it demonstrate experiential knowledge for all the LOs?
    5. Submit your Portfolio via the Portal.
  6. Your portfolio is evaluated by CAEL on a Pass/Fail basis, and the results will be sent to the Registrar’s Office.
*JWMI student profile data as of December 2017.