Jenn Dorwart

Professor: Financial Management II

Jenn Dorwart Jenn Dorwart holds a BA in Business Administration with options in Finance, Marketing, and Management and an MBA from Chadron State College. She completed her Doctor of Business Administration in Financial Management at Walden University in 2016.

With over 18 years of experience in various financial and non-financial roles, Jenn switched to teaching at various on-ground and online educational institutions full-time in 2011. Recently, she purchased a residential property and established a joint venture with two partners to “fix and flip” the property. To keep costs down, the majority of the work was completed by all three partners, resulting in a 30% ROI in less than 90 days.

Her teaching philosophy embodies a supervised exploration environment centered around the learner. Having been a working professional while earning an MBA and DBA, she believes the material presented in the classroom must be meaningful, realistic, interesting, and relevant. The most significant learning occurs in situations where the hands-on application of terms and concepts are implemented in real life scenarios. The overriding goal of her teaching has been to place her students in these types of situations and encourage them to use critical thinking skills to make a difference. She challenges the learners to take the information learned beyond the text and implement new skills into their work and daily routines.

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