Executive Certificate Programs

Upgrade your skills and earn a game-changing resume credential.

Whether a new or experienced manager, continuous professional development opportunities are a necessity in business as you look to stand apart and grow in your career.

The Jack Welch Management Institute’s Executive Certificate programs, are designed to equip you with the management skills you need to think smarter, act faster, and win in the workplace.

Executive Certificate Benefits
  • Taught asynchronously in JWMI’s online classroom by our renowned MBA faculty.
  • Powerful resume credential that can be earned in just 6 weeks.
  • Like our top-ranked MBA course, our Executive Certificate courses are built for immediate application in your workplace.
  • Access courses online from anywhere. Our flexible class format allows you to complete the weekly assignments at your convenience, even from your mobile device.
  • Open to all educational levels; there are no prerequisites required to register.
  • Receive an official certificate issued by the Jack Welch Management Institute to recognize your achievement.
here's what you can expect:

Executive Certificate Classes Starting Soon

The Executive Certificate Curriculum

Current managers and high potentials who are working in, or aspiring toward, leadership roles will benefit from any one of the following intensive six-week certificate programs:

Learn to inform, persuade and engage for maximum impact. With a focus on the management of people and organizations, you will study techniques to improve verbal and written communication, with an emphasis on the importance of candor and transparency—two skills that are critical to winning.

This certificate course is for you if:

You want to give better, tougher, more constructive feedback You find candor or transparency difficult You struggle to boil down your thoughts into short, impactful statements You want to get better at reading the room and making your business communications count

The Program:

  • Week 1: Communicating to Win
  • Week 2: Persuasion and Influence
  • Week 3: Productive Meetings and Conflict Management
  • Week 4: Effective Written Communication
  • Week 5: Presentations with Impact
  • Week 6: Pulling the Pieces Together

Our Business Communications Executive Certificate course will help you, the communicator, develop applicable techniques to improve the effectiveness of verbal and written communication skills in a business setting.

Effective financial decisions are the lifeblood of any company. This course will expose you to the principles of corporate finance as you learn the fundamental techniques needed to build a business case, manage costs and implement financial controls.

This certificate course is for you if:

You are a manager who uses numbers to make business decisions You’re in a role in which you build and manage your own budgets and/or analyze or defend the financial picture for your organization You strive to make better business decisions related to cost objectives

The Program:

  • Week 1: Course Introduction
  • Week 2: Recording Financial Events
  • Week 3: Accounting Styles and Annual Reports
  • Week 4: Costing Behavior, Budgets, and Break-Even
  • Week 5: Costing Behavior, Budgets and Break-Even
  • Week 6: Capital Budgeting

Our Finance Executive Certificate course will help you read business by the numbers, whether you’re a finance professional or not.

Leaders aren’t born; they’re made. In this business certificate course, you will learn how to hire, motivate, coach and inspire with confidence, avoiding the common mistakes made by most managers, ultimately mastering the art of leadership for today and tomorrow.

This certificate course is for you if:

You are a great team player looking to step up to a leadership position You are in a position of leadership, ready to take your leadership to the next level You were placed in a leadership position before you were "ready"

The Program:

  • Week 1: What Great Leaders Do
  • Week 2: Building your Winning Team
  • Week 3: Establishing Trust Through Candor, Transparency, and Credit
  • Week 4: Making Tough Decisions and Building a Learning Organization
  • Week 5: Taking Risks and Celebrating Success
  • Week 6: Pulling the Pieces Together

Our Leadership Executive Certificate course will help you, the leader of leaders, develop the essential skills you need to build great teams and drive stellar results. Leaders will leave with new ways to energize a team and communicate goals effectively—gaining an edge in a competitive business landscape.

Knowing how to lead is essential to success. But, no organization can win without the right strategy to guide its decisions and actions. In this course, you’ll learn how to assess market dynamics, analyze sources of growth and learn to build sustainable competitive advantage as you add valuable skills to your strategic toolbox.

This certificate course is for you if:

You want a timely, current set of tools and frameworks with which to understand the market You want to improve your ability to align business operations to consumer need You want insight into the too-often nebulous world of "strategy"

The Program:

  • Week 1: What is "Strategy"?
  • Week 2: Understanding Your Playing Field
  • Week 3: Assessing the Competitive Dynamics
  • Week 4: Looking Around the Corner
  • Week 5: Your Next Big Move
  • Week 6: Putting the Strategy into Practice

Our Strategy Executive Certificate course will help you, the aspiring strategy guru, take this seemingly theoretical subject and and boil it down to a practical model that can be applied at any level of an organization.

It's critical for you to pick a leadership training program that truly was developed by a leader, based on principles that have had success. The Jack Welch Management Institute Executive Certificate Programs were all that for us.

Anthony Saenz, President, Able Aerospace

If you’re a CEO, learning officer or HR executive, a Jack Welch Management Institute education can be a powerful way to upgrade your team—expanding their skills, opening their perspectives and building their toolkit of best practices. To learn about discounted group rates, email solutions@jwmi.com or call 1.855.253.2900.

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